Infant Viability Bill FAQ's

There has recently been a website published against the Infant Viability Bill 2015, including a fact sheet made by Women’s Health Victoria (WHV). Both this website and fact sheet are built upon the premise that “[t]here will always be a need for abortions after 24 weeks”.

The following answers to frequently asked questions seek to rebut the many false, misleading and misinformed statements made against the Bill. The drafting process of the Bill included extensive consultations with Victorian health and medical professionals, and the age of viability at 24 weeks pregnancy is a widely accepted fact in the medical field.

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Answers questions such as:

  • What are the key points of the Infant Viability Bill 2015?
  • What about in situations of rape, incest, mother being diagnosed with an illness, mother is suicidal or there are unforeseen traumatic life circumstances? What if a woman has been unable to access an abortion earlier due to family violence or failure of anticipated emotional and economic support? What if a woman is in denial about being pregnant?
  • What about in cases “where the foetus has genetic abnormalities that would create great suffering”? Or where a foetus has “defects that mean it may not live if the woman went to full term in her pregnancy”? 
  • What is meant by a ‘medical emergency’ and what is allowed?
  • In a medical emergency, will the mother’s life or baby’s life be prioritized? Will a doctor have “no choice” but to prioritise the baby?
  • What about in cases where there is no medical emergency?
  • Are doctors allowed to provide palliative care to babies that cannot survive?
  • Will women actually receive the help they need?
  • What does the Bill mean by a woman in ‘distress’?
  • Will the Bill criminalise women?
  • Will the Bill put Victoria on par with the most repressive abortion laws in the world? Is the Abortion Law Reform Act truly reflective of best practice in clinical and public health?
  • Why will a doctor or hospital be penalised for performing an abortion after 24 weeks?
  • Does the Bill politicise something that should be private, forcing the wider community to comply with something that they do not support?

Facts Sheets

Download fact sheets covering:

  • Abortion Laws in Victoria
  • Abortion Methods in Australia
  • Late Term Abortions in Victoria
  • Prenatal Development & Fetal Pain
  • Infant Viability
  • Hospice in the Womb
  • Holistic Care for Women

Premature Babies - How 24 Week Old Babies Are Able to Survive

 "The number of babies being born prematurely is on the increase, and so is their chance of surviving. Jessica Salter discovers how advances in neonatal care – and sandwich bags – are giving hope to even the tiniest newborns"

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Pip Liston

"An inspiring survival story which highlights the life of a 24 week infant, Pip Liston. Such a wonderful supporting article for the Infant Viability Bill and the message to help viable infants - proving that their survival is possible and does matter."

Herald Sun articles: video:

Kian Richardson

Born 17 weeks premature, Kian Richardson is a wonderful example of the resilience of life and all the more reason to fight harder to save them.

Herald Sun article:

British Midwives Up In Arms Over Move to Legalize Abortions Up Until Birth for Any Reason

"For the [Royal College of Midwives] that represents us to support the radical position—supported by only a small minority of women—that all protections for unborn children should be removed right through to birth, and without any consultation of us members, we find utterly unacceptable." -Letter from British Midwives

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Pro Life Victoria

Pro Life Victoria's video on the status of Abortion in Victoria Since 2008. These are the laws Victoria needs to change.

In utero surgery

At just 18 weeks gestation, in utero surgery was required to ensure these twins would both survive. The parents have now released the surgery video, which contains beautiful and amazing footage.

“It was a very hard time in our lives, but I just felt that you can clearly see that they’re little human beings and that they are perfectly formed. They’ve got little noses, little hands, little toes. We felt that if just one mom could see it who was contemplating abortion – and if she saw that she was actually carrying a miracle – that she would change her mind, and decide to keep the baby or just let it live.”

Live Action News article:

Changes to U.S. Laws

South Dakota passes Bill banning late-term abortions (after 20 Weeks), the ninth US state to do so. article:

South Carolina Senators have passed a bill, known as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, to ban abortions after 20 weeks when an unborn child can feel pain; the vote was 36-9, according to the Associated Press. article:

The Associated Press reports Oklahoma Senate Bill 1552 passed with an overwhelming majority in a 40-7 vote. The bill would prohibit Oklahoma medical licensure officials from renewing or granting licenses to any doctors who do abortions, according to the report. article:


After a baby in Poland born after two botched abortion attempts was allowed to die after screaming for an hour, a national debate has re-opened over whether abortion should be banned in the country.

"As the Senate considers a bill protecting unborn human life past 20 weeks of pregnancy, medical experts insist these children do feel pain and must be protected by law.“We are obligated..."

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