Infant Viability Bill Rally 2016

Thank you to all who attended the Infant Viability Bill Rally held on Saturday 21st of May, 2016. An estimated 1,500 supporters attended the peaceful rally - it was a beautiful day filled with empowering speeches, joy and hope for the future. 

Every LIFE deserves a lifetime!




Photo credit - Fiona Basile

 20160521_Rally_FBasile_036.jpg 20160521_Rally_FBasile_087.jpg  



 20160521_Rally_FBasile_103.jpg 20160521_Rally_FBasile_135.jpg

20160521_Rally_FBasile_109.jpg 20160521_Rally_FBasile_140.jpg

20160521_Rally_FBasile_124.jpg 20160521_Rally_FBasile_169.jpg

20160521_Rally_FBasile_278.jpg 20160521_Rally_FBasile_412.jpg

20160521_Rally_FBasile_586.jpg 20160521_Rally_FBasile_606.jpg



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  • At 20 weeks they are little people. Imagine being a nurse prohibited from caring for them.