Late Term Abortion in Victoria

  • In the five years 2009-2013 there were 1842 abortions at 20 weeks gestation or later
  • 899 were performed for “maternal psychosocial” indications. All of these abortions resulted in a stillborn child. Most were performed between 20 and 27 weeks gestation but 28 were performed between 28 and 31 weeks gestation and 1 was performed at 37 weeks gestation or later.
  • The remaining 943 were performed for “suspected or confirmed” congenital abnormalities. Of these 741 abortions resulted in a stillborn child while 202 resulted in a live born child who subsequently died.11
  • Two of the most common disabilities for which abortions after 20 weeks are performed are Downs Syndrome and spina bifida, disabilities compatible with a long, happy and full life.

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